Hi, I'm Zack Gutches. 

My foundational belief is that life is lived to the full by using your gifts and strengths to best serve others. I am nowhere near perfect both as a person and as a financial coach, but I started Financially Forgotten because I felt overwhelmingly called and have confidence that this is where the unique gifts and strengths I possess are best used. It also helps that I love this stuff. 

I have deep roots in personal finance. I grew up in a family where the closest person in age to me was 15+ years older than me and so I've been immersed in discussions on economics, finance, and accounting since the time I was about 8. I have bachelors degrees in Finance and Accountancy, am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and have almost completed by pursuit of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER   (CFP®)

To shed light to who I am, the 3 words friends and family would describe me as are:

1) Intentional

2) Intelligent

3) Disciplined (too bad they couldn't come up with another word starting with "I")

I believe there is tremendous need for affordable, yet competent financial education and stewardship skills. This is why I'm here. I fully understand not everybody has the means to pay a comprehensive financial planner or requires the extensive, in-depth plans and services they provide. One is not better than the other; rather, they are just different!


GENEROSITY is at the heart of our WHY


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